Your right to speedy examination

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You have the right to be examined for your ailments within 30 days if your GP has referred you to a hospital.

Being examined means that the doctor at the hospital finds out what is wrong with you, by discussing your symptoms, having relevant blood tests and examinations.

Your right to a speedy examination within 30 days means that, if professionally possible, you must be informed of your ailment within 30 days, or that any suspicion of you being ill has been ruled out. 
The 30 days are calculated from the day that the hospital received your GP’s referral. 

In some cases, the hospital can’t examine you within those 30 days. 
This could be due to professional or capacity reasons. 
According to the reason, you’ll be offered an alternative.
Professional reasons that the hospital can’t examine you within the 30 days could be:
That you need several different examinations, or that the hospital needs the results from an examination before they can determine which new examination to offer you.

If the hospital can’t examine you within 30 days due to professional reasons, they must give you a written plan of the future examination process by the 30th day. 

The plan must contain information about any remaining examinations, including their time and place.

Capacity reasons may be e.g. long waiting times. 
If the hospital can’t examine you within the 30 days for capacity reasons, the hospital must offer to refer you for an entire or partial examination at another public or private hospital.