Your opportunities for seeking remuneration

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All patients are covered by the public compensation scheme.
The scheme covers the possibility of healthcare staff hurt you by accident in connection with your treatment at a public hospital, 
a private hospital, at your GP, at a practicing specialist physician, or at other private practice authorised healthcare professionals.
The scheme also covers injury caused by medication.

You can seek compensation in the following situations:
You have been hurt in connection with a treatment, and you have sustained an injury that has nothing to do with your primary illness.
You have sustained physical injury due to medication.
Your personal possessions have been lost or destroyed, or you sustained tooth damage while admitted.
You have sustained tooth damage in connection with an examination and treatment with a private dentist.

Reporting a case is free-of-charge.
It’s important to note that complaining and seeking remuneration are two separate things. 

You have the following options:
You can choose to only complain. 
You can choose to only seek remuneration.
You can choose to complain and seek remuneration, which happens in two different processes.

Learn more about your complaint possibilities under the topic: “Your opportunities to complain".
You can also contact Patient Guidance and receive impartial guidance and counselling about your opportunities to complain and seek remuneration. 

We can also help you to formulate a complaint or report.