Your opportunities for complaints

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Even if the staff make an effort, errors can happen. 
It’s important to gain awareness of these events in order to get better.
If there’s something in your own, or your relative’s, medical treatment that you didn’t expect or felt was dissatisfactory, 
you can contact the staff and draw attention to an error.
You are also able to report an event that you find dissatisfactory.
There are 5 types of reports:
Unintended Event – draw attention to an event that you’ve experienced.
Disciplinary Board Complaint – a complaint about a named healthcare professional.
Management Board Complaint  – a complaint about treatment at the hospital.
Rights Complaint – a complaint about no compliance with your rights as a patient.
Service Complaint – a complaint about the service at the hospital.
You can choose to report the same incident under several of these categories. 
It depends on the actual events that you have experienced. 
It’s important to note that complaining and seeking remuneration are two separate things. 
You have the following options:
You can choose to only complain. 
You can choose to only seek remuneration.
You can choose to complain and seek remuneration, which happens in two different processes.
You can learn more about the various situations that provide opportunity to seek remuneration under the topic:
“Your opportunities for seeking remuneration”.
You can also contact Patient Guidance and receive impartial guidance and counselling about your opportunities to complain and seek remuneration. 
We can also help you to formulate a complaint or report.