Your opportunities for being treated abroad

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In some cases, you have the right to be treated abroad.
In most cases, if you want to be treated abroad, you must apply for approval in advance.
The extent to which your treatment will be paid for abroad depends on the following:
Whether Region Sjælland can offer you treatment within a deadline that is medically sound.
Whether you need special treatment that isn’t offered in Denmark.
The rules about the right to be treated abroad are complicated.
If you need specific guidance, please contact Patient Guidance.
Special rules apply if you become acutely ill during a stay in another EU or EEA country.
If you become ill during a stay in another EU or EEA country, and require emergency medical help,  you must use the EU health insurance card (the blue card).  
The EU health insurance card gives you the right to the same services and conditions as the citizens of the country you’re in. 
Therefore, you may have to pay part of the treatment yourself, if that applies to the citizens of that country.
You can order the EU health insurance card at .
Other rules apply for treatment during a stay in a country outside the EU and EEA.
When you travel abroad, and especially when you travel outside of the EU and EEA, it’s always a good idea to take out a private travel and health insurance, which also includes transport home.
Emergency illness abroad will often be paid for by oneself, and you may also be required to pay for further treatment.
Please note that you must pay for the expense of transport home, yourself.
If you sign a private travel and health insurance, you insure yourself against expenses for treatment and medical transport abroad. 
The insurance is also valid for travels within the EU and EEA.
If you suffer from a chronic illness, it could also be a good idea to contact your private travel and healthcare insurer before departure, 
to get the green light to travel abroad, otherwise you risk that the insurance doesn’t cover your expenses for any treatment abroad.