When someone dies in the hospital

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When someone dies in hospital, the care staff prepare the deceased. As a relative, you’re very welcome to help the care staff with this. The deceased will either get a hospital shirt or their own clothes. Afterwards, if you want the deceased to wear something else, the undertaker can organise that. If you need to talk to a priest for a hymn to be sung, or a prayer to be prayed in connection with the death, you can contact the hospital priest connected to the hospital. If practically possible, the deceased will stay in the department until you’ve said goodbye. Then you can contact an undertaker who can help with the process from there. Once the doctor has inspected the deceased, the deceased is driven to the hospital’s chapel. The deceased’s clothes and other personal possessions are given to the next-of-kin. Valuables such as watch, jewellery, keys, money, credit card, etc. are stored at the hospital until the probate court has issued the probate certificate. Once you have received the probate certificate, you can collect the deceased’s valuables at the hospital. Each hospital has their own practice in the collection of the deceased’s valuables. Therefore, contact the relevant hospital and get information about their procedure.