Reporting a death

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When someone dies, a death certificate must be made by a doctor. According to where the death happened, a GP, on-call doctor, or hospital doctor can do this. The deceased must not be placed in a coffin, be buried or cremated, before they have been seen by a doctor and the death certificate has been issued. The death is reported to the funeral authority by relatives or the undertaker within two week days of the death. This notification is done digitally via, and is called: “Request for funeral or cremation”. To fill out the request, you’ll need to know the deceased’s social security number, and you must provide information about yourself as the reporter of the death. If there are no relatives or persons close to the deceased, the deceased’s residential municipality must report the death. It’s the funeral authority that reports the death to the National Registry. The funeral process must normally happen within 8 days of the death. If the funeral is cared for by an undertaker, the undertaker can inform and guide you about the practical chores, formalities and procedures connected to a death.