Funeral cover

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In most cases, the relative responsible for the funeral has a possibility to get funeral cover. However, to get funeral cover, the deceased must have been entitled to Danish health insurance. It doesn’t matter to the funeral cover whether the deceased is buried or cremated. The size of the sum depends on the age of the deceased, family relationship, assets and any spousal assets. The funeral cover is paid out as a lump sum, and you don’t pay tax on it. As a relative, you can apply for funeral cover, but some undertakers also offer to do it for you. If an undertaker or anyone else applies on your behalf, the person in question must use a written power of attorney from you. You, as a relative, may apply for funeral cover and the size of the sum on, and it’ll be paid out via Udbetaling Danmark. You can read more about funeral cover and the size of the sum on Please note that you can prepay your own funeral via various associations that are specialists in this service. If you’re the relative of a deceased person, always remember to check whether the deceased has prepaid for their funeral.