The healthcare staff’s confidentiality obligation

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All hospital employees have a confidentiality duty 
This means that they may not forward on information about you, your illness and your personal relationships.
Confidentiality also applies when speaking to your relatives. 
However, healthcare professionals normally forward information to other healthcare professionals who are continuing your treatment.
If, for example, your treatment is moved to another department or hospital, the necessary information will be forwarded.
You own doctor will also be informed about your treatment at the hospital in a discharge letter. 
You decide who may receive information about your health condition.
If you don’t want your information to be gathered or forwarded, you must let the staff know.
Then the staff will inform you of the consequences this may have on your future treatment process.
For example, it may be of disadvantage to you, if your GP or others who are continuing your treatment aren’t informed about the treatment that you received at the hospital.