Rules about driving to and from the hospital

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The main rule is that if you are able to transport yourself to and from the hospital, you should organise your own transport there and back.
But there are some exceptions:
If you receive a retirement pension or early retirement pension, the hospital can organise your transport to and from the hospital in certain cases.

Region Sjælland will make sure that you’re driven to and from the hospital if you’re in need of an ambulance or taxi, based on a healthcare assessment.

If you have more than 50 km each way from your residence to the hospital that is treating you, you can ask for transport allowance. 
If you use a private hospital under the extended free hospital choice, you must organise your own transport.
However, if you’re referred to one of Region Sjælland’s partnering hospitals, you can get transported (or have your transport expenses refunded), if you meet the specific criteria.