Your right to free hospital choice

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Free hospital choice means that you can freely choose the hospital in Denmark that you wish to be treated at 
You can choose between all public hospitals and a number of specialist hospitals. 
Specialist hospitals are hospitals that conduct specialist tasks, such as treatment and rehabilitation for patients with chronic illnesses. 
If you use the free hospital choice, you need to take care of your own transport.
If you have an emergency and go to hospital with an ambulance, without medical referral, the ambulance will normally drive you to the closest emergency hospital. 
After the examination at the hospital, you can choose another public hospital if you desire. 
You may experience that a hospital refuses to receive patients. 
This could be due to a lack of capacity, which means they can’t offer the treatment. 
Lack of capacity can be due to the hospital having many patients receiving treatment, and so they can’t offer it to patients that have used the right to free hospital choice. 
A hospital can also refuse to receive patients because it doesn’t perform the requested treatment.
Please make sure that you investigate how long the waiting time is for the desired treatment at the hospital that you wish to be treated at. 
It’ll be relevant to how long you’ll have to wait for the treatment. 
You may perhaps receive faster treatment by accepting the offer from Region Sjælland.